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Rules of the game at Golf du Touquet and restaurant entry conditions

Please read the rules of the game at Golf du Touquet before playing on one of our three golf courses – La Mer 18-hole course, La Forêt 18-hole course or Le Manoir 9-hole course – and the restaurant entry conditions.

    • The FFGolf licence is mandatory for any practice on club facilities
    • In the event of participation in a competition, the principal holder must present a medical certificate of non-contradictory to the practice of Golf
    • Players are asked to respect the etiquette and these principles
    • Wearing the right outfit is mandatory
    • Booking a departure is mandatory to access the route
    • Players may not have more than 2 current bookings
    • Players must stick to their starting schedules
    • Any player who has not booked a departure is asked to show up at the reception before going to play
    • The games are done in four balls. It is therefore possible that other players are associated with your game
    • Upon arrival on the site, we ask you to show up at least 30 minutes before your departure at the reception of the Golf du Touquet and at least 5 minutes before the start of your course
    • In the interests of fairness and to allow as many people as possible to come and tread our routes, we will ask you, in case of hindrs, to cancel your departure no later than 24 hours before
    • Dogs even kept on a leash are not allowed
    • Players must have one bag per person
    • Minimum handicap required: <24 for men on the Sea/ <28 for ladies on the Sea <35 for the Forest/ No limit on the Manor
    • Sweeping the bunkers
    • Raise pitches on the green
    • Repair divots, bullet holes and shoe damage
    • Avoid damaging the pitch by creating divots during test movements or by hitting the ground with the head of a club, whether in anger or for some other reason
    • Do not use a club’s head to remove a ball from the hole
    • Don’t lean on your clubs on a green
    • The flag must be properly placed in the hole before leaving the green
    • Do not drive with your cart on departures, before greens and on greens
    • Use the most of your time the paths
    • Play at a good pace and maintain it
    • If a game has a whole hole behind the one before it and thus delays the next game, it must invite it to pass regardless of the number of players making up the game

    To complete the course under normal conditions, the maximum playing time to cover the 18 holes:

    The Sea 4:40 in 4 balls, 4:15 in 3 balls and 3:40 in 2 balls
    The Forest 4:35 in 4 balls, 4:10 minutes in 3 balls and 3:35 in 2 balls
    The Manor 2:20 in 4 balls, 2 hour in 3 balls and 1:40 in 2 balls

    • Picking up balls is strictly forbidden
    • The buckets and balls belong to the golf club. Please use them only at the practice
    • Players are asked to return the buckets after use to the designated locations
    • Nail shoes are prohibited
    • Dogs are forbidden
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